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Spirulina Extract

French-style spirulina is a raw alga presented as dried grains. It contains a natural blue pigment, called phycocyanin, that can be used as color additive for food and cosmetics.

This micro alga belongs to the family of cyanobacteria which have been the oldest sources of life recorded. They are at the origin of the first photosynthesis and the oxygenated atmosphere we breathe right now.

So after 3.5 Billion years of evolution, it represents a remarkable nutritional content that made it reach the status of ‘’superfood’’.


Raw spirulina 100gr for USA

29.99 $ USD / 599 $ MXN

1 pack of 100 gram of Raw Spirulina in dried grains.
Each Pack is for one month diet.

The 3 steps to prosperity


The human body needs nutrients to function. A good food balance is crucial. Avoiding deficiencies and excesses, allows it to stay in good shape in the long term.

Your body is perfect, and the greatest wealth you have. It is important to give it daily attention to prevent the appearance of problems.



Sleep is essential in maintaining the body’s vital functions. It regenerates psychological and physical energy. The circadian rhythm must be routine and balanced.

Thus, the impact of time on physiological functions will be less, and beauty will be preserved in the longer term.

fisical activity

Life is motion. Sport allows growth and maintenance of muscle and hormonal activity. Movement participates in the physiological life cycle.

The renewal of physiological fluids is more rapid and constant. Thus a better physical activity allows to have a younger body.

A French know-how and a Mexican potential

We are a family business located south of Nayarit, Mexico, at the foot of an active volcano, which offers us the opportunity to have spring water, fertile soil and plenty of sun to grow microalgae in the best conditions.

We are passionate spirulina farmers. We were trained in the French Federation of Spirulina that promote a raw-style production to preserve the quality of the alga.

Our spirulina is produced by french spirulina master, ARNOUX Sylvain




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